Friday, 29 May 2009

Just Call Me Q

Gadgets. Who doesn't love them. One of the best things about being a man (apart from being able to stand up to pee and not wet our feet like at least 40% of us can) is that gadgets form a large part of our lives. In fact were socially expected to revel in gadgets. Fortunately, that's pretty easy. So far for the trip I have two new acquisitions. The first being a TomTom XL GPS navigator:
Sure, I already have maps of Australia and the major towns and cities but this little thing tells you where to go. You can even choose which voice it directs you with from Mr T, to John Cleese to Michael Caine. The theory is that it will stop in-car arguements about the best way to get around in the big cities. We shall see how it goes.

The second gadgety thing is a little less exciting but almost as useful - a portable cooler/warmer for the car:

This will be used for carrying cans of diet coke, v energy drink (to keep the driver alert) and soy milk for Yvette (who knows if they've heard of such a thing in the outback?).

So far that's it. Although I am tempted by a portable massage cushion...

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